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At ABS, we know how important it is to get facility repairs done competently and quickly. ABS has a proven track record of making that happen. Even under the most intense deadline pressure, let ABS manage the details. We provide a one-stop place to get help and to take care of all of the follow up that goes with it.

ABS will design a program that meets the needs of your company and your facilities. We know that each of our clients has their own way of doing business. At ABS, we will make our process fit your unique needs.

Flexible Services


Automated Building Support 

Automatic Building Support

ABS makes all the difference in supporting your building operations.

ABS uses a proprietary process for selecting, dispatching and managing the affiliates we deploy to help take care of your facilities. All that your managers have to do is call us and let us know the help they need. ABS will take care of the rest.


ABS has spent years developing a network of experienced service companies to meet the needs of commercial facilities. ABS carefully vets our affiliates and we make sure that we have companies in place to provide all of the services we offer.

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Why ABS?

Please call us to discuss your company’s building support needs. One of our Service Professionals will be glad to answer your questions

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Automatic Building Support (ABS) provides your facilities with expert help identifying, locating and dispatching the companies, people and services you need to keep your buildings functioning at their optimal level. Facility managers are busy people. ABS has the ability to help them maintain and operate your buildings without the need for additional staffing. ABS will locate, deploy the right help and make sure the costs are fair, completed quickly and paid.